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We beLieve in doing the job right and to your satisfaction. Weith our nimble service and straightforward approach we can solve you condo maintenance issues.

Abris Construction believes in running a great business. What that means to us is continually upping our game: Quality of work, speed of service and most importantly in building relationships. We honour all of the people that power our business; our contractors, customers and employees. We believe in honesty in pricing, consistent communication and fair profit for our services. We believe in taking care of our customers now, in the near future and 30 years from now.  We know that our success hinges upon service, kindness and attention to detail. We  work with our contractors to ensure that quality work and superior follow-up service come shining through for you and if not we make it right. Every time. Every day. Thank you for working with and believing in us. 







Some on the work  that we do....

  • Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • Drywall repairs

  • Water loss repairs

  • Finishing Carpentry

  • Vinyl deck Membrane

  • Liquid applied membrane

  • Concrete cutting, coring, X-ray.

  • Concrete flatwork, bollards

  • Retaining walls

Project Management

Someone has to make sure that everyone is doing their job properly and in a timely fashion. That can be us for you! We genuinely enjoy bossing people around and they usually don't un-enjoy us providing "guidance and direction" too much. Contractors also typically enjoy when you let them know that "hey, you missed a spot" and we love to ensure both their happiness and that spots are not missed. Nailed it. 

General Contracting Services.

Water losses

We can price, manage and ensure that all of the details are taken care of during a water-loss whether it be emergency work or post-deconstruction rebuild. We can deal with asbestos, mold, sewage and ice damming issues for you and your clients. 


It is the worst. It is smelly, it grows where you don't want it to and if you start ripping and tearing the drywall, carpet and other mold areas out then you face the dreaded "cross-contamination". We have the peeps to amke sure that this work is done safely and correctly. We have the hygienists to test and sign off to give you extra peace of mind that the unit and residents are safe from further harm. 


NO one wants mesothelioma. Let us perform your asbestos remediation and we'll make sure that your building is not part of a future class action lawasuit. We have the remediaiton technicians and hygienists to ensure that the work is done properly, tested and passed to limit your liability. Additionally, we can make sure the work is done as quickly, easily and cost effectively as possible to get the unit residents back to where they want to be: HOME! 




  • Foundation repairs, weeping tile, window wells

  • Painting

  • Structural carpentry repairs

  • Deck repair and replacement

  • Window and door repairs and replacement

  • Stucco repairs and replacement

  • Building envelope exploration, repair and replacement

  • Roofing: sloped and flat roofing.

  • Flooring repairs and replacement.

  • and so much more.

Project Inspection.

Do you have a very "time intensive" (needy?) tenant, owner or other person that is complaining of some problem with their "x". We can schedule a time to meet with them, sort out the issue and provide a solution or set of solutions to move forward and solve their problem so that you can get back to your work. 

Building Envelope

Got a buidlign that's leakign fromoutside to in? That's a buildign envelope problem. We can take care of everything from water, mold, asbestos or other remediation required to solve the problem on the interior. On the exterior we can bring our best to you as we specialize in the service of building envelope issues. Stucco, EIFS, stone facades, roofing, flashing, windows and, patio doors and other doors, drawings, permits are some of the things that could be at issue on your building's envelope. Contact us to get a handle on this issue. We've got you covered throughout the entire ordeal.  


We really love doing vinyl membrane deck work must be something about tearing off vinyl and contact cement. Like removing a really durable band-aid and the smell of glue. What makes our repair different? We have worked with engineers on how to make sure we get the scope of work dialed in so that the repair lasts. Check out our detailed scope diagrams to see how we will take care of this difficult detailed work.





May 18th, 2016

RE: Abris Costruction Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Abris Construction to anyone that is considering a general contractor within the condominium industry.

As a property manager I have used the services of Abris construction over a wide varietty of construction and restoration projects. I have worked closeley with Abris and have always found them to be very knowledgeable and professional in all of their dealings. The continued communication throughout the project is second to none in my experience. They also inform us if there is ever anything outside of their capabilities, though rare, and defers that project to an engineer for their measured expertiese.

During my time working with Abris we have not had a single concern on any of the hundreds of projects that they have undertaken that has not been remedied effectively and quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is considering any constructioin service whatsoever. As a result I have come to rely upon the excellent service that Abris provides at every opportunity.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at any time.
— Jaime Salamanca, Property manager. Jaime@celticmanagement.ca


Our Purpose

Find great contractors, property managers and employees to work with and help them be their best at all that they do. 



About Me


I started apprenticing for my dad, Ivan Stanley Kawulka when I was born, but even before that I was watching him work all the time in utero. My grandpas were also supposedly hard workers but I never really knew them. We started our company at the most central of locations in the entire world: the kitchen table after a great meal. Once he got started Ivan (Dad) picked up new trades and expanded our business to heights never before experienced by our newly fledgling  businss (nor by its predecessor). In between then and now I learned a load of stuff about buildigns and what goes wrong with them. The apprenticeship continues. We opened the doors to offices in Calgary and Vancouver in 2015 and I couldn't be prouder of what we've gotten going together so far: We have developed quite a group of contractors; not only with all of the contractors in Edmonton but also those via Lindsay Boon in Calgary and Brandy Kawulka in Vancouver. Thank You for bringing us this far and for any further success that we may enjoy with you.