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Abris Construction Edmonton

Way, way back, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a man named Assir Melamed. Assir was friends with a man named Ivan from their halcyon days in the engineering faculty at the University of Alberta. Yes, Ivan was once a young man before having six children and many years of experience on the road being a production and sales manager for many different companies. Assir became a structural engineer and started Abris construction... The name, while lovely, is shrouded in mystery as Assir claims that it means "teacher" in his Russian dialect though if you google it "abris" means shelter which I think is much more apt to what we do. Anyway, after many years of serving customers in and around Edmonton through hard times and boom times Assir had decided to call it quits and snowbird his way down to Florida and in stepped Ivan to take up the mantle of Owner of Abris construction. 

From there "our" story truly begins. After much hard work and many customers pleased- and a few displeased- we come to today. A few cities multiple employees and a growing business across western Canada. We couldn't be prouder of our Edmontonian roots, our long history working in the community and our bright future supported by hard work, great customer service and an attitude of trying to always do the right thing for the buildings we work on, the property managers and boards that we serve as well as the individual unit owners and their tenants. Thanks for all of your support and we look look forward to continued success for you and us working together to make your buildings safe, secure and wonderful places to live in.